About Say No To Broscience

Look, I get it: getting in shape is hard.

It’s already tough enough to hit the gym after a long day at the office.

It’s even more difficult when you’re surrounded by conflicting information on the proper way to do things.

You have a camp that says you need to squat everyday if you want to grow, while another camp says that it’s impossible to get gainz unless you’re working out 5x/week with 30+ sets per workout.

You have people who swear by 20:4 intermittent fasting protocols, while another group says that you have to declare Jihad against carbs if you want to get lean.

But truth of the matter is: everything works.

But for people like us with day jobs and like getting loose with friends and family every once in a while?

The simplicity of the middle-of-the-road option is EXACTLY what we want.

Forget extreme tactics and “one weird trick” hacks that put the cart before the horse.

We put our efforts on the big, simple stuff that’s proven by science to yield the most results, then let everything else naturally fall into place.

Welcome to Say No To Broscience.

About Me

What’s up, my fellow lifting brethren.

My name is Carlo — ultimate fitness nerd, chronic cardio skipper, and bonafide Internet shitposter.

I’m also the dudebro behind this site.

I had countless false starts with fad workout programs and wasted hundreds of dollars on fitness gadgets and worthless supplements only to get absolutely nowhere.

I was sick of my ever-growing beer belly, but because I was always exhausted from my day job I never felt motivated enough to do anything about it.

My wake-up call happened on a flight to Vancouver — I bent over to reach for my laptop underneath the seat in front of me, but absolutely couldn’t because my goddamn belly was in the way.

That’s when I realized the growing amount of issues I was having with my health — difficulty breathing, sleep apnea, and a skyrocketing blood pressure.

Add that to the fact that I absolutely hated how I looked in the mirror that I finally got the motivation I was looking for to actually do something about it all.

After consistently grinding away on the path of iron, I’ve managed to get rid of the dad bod and get in the best shape I’ve ever been my entire lifeall while running several businesses and without giving up beer or pizza — and show no signs of slowing down.

Given how saturated the fitness market is these days, I actually had zero plans of starting my own website.

However, I found myself repeating a whole bunch of the same information after several of my friends asked me for help after seeing my own transformation (that, plus the fact that I spend an embarrassing amount of time talking about fitness on Reddit).

The sites I would link to provide provide great, in-depth information — however, a lot of beginners tend to find them a little too advanced and thus difficult to grasp.

As much as I wanted a resource that condenses everything into a simple and easy-to-digest format, I couldn’t really find much…

So I said fuck it and Say No To Broscience was born.

Over the years, it’s become a passion of mine to help people achieve their fitness goals and hopefully get them in the best shape of their lives as well.

Hopefully, you find the information on this site to be useful and I can be part of your own transformation as well!