The Best Damn GZCLP Spreadsheet On The Internet [UPDATED]

The most user-friendly GZCLP spreadsheet there is online. Customize your own GZCLP training plan, and plot a whole year's worth of workouts automatically.

Take out all the complexity and unnecessary thinking – just go to the gym and lift.

Say goodbye to bloated and complicated spreadsheets – I'm proud to say that this is the most user-friendly GZCLP spreadsheet there is online.

What makes this spreadsheet different from the others?

The first difference is that this spreadsheet allows you to customize training variables such as exercise selection and progression methods.

All you have to do is to input your starting weights, and log your workouts as you complete them.

The spreadsheet will then tell you exactly what to do next: from what weight you should use, to how many sets and reps to perform for each exercise for each workout.

Most importantly, this was created to be as usable and non-intimidating as possible – unlike other spreadsheets, which tend to be incredibly bloated and difficult to use.

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Build strength and maximize muscle growth with just 3 workouts a week.

This spreadsheet is for Cody LeFever’s GZCLP program for beginners.

For a basic overview of the methodology behind it, take a look at the infographic and read the accompanying writeup.


Only 3-4 Workouts Per Week

GZCLP is flexible with your schedule. You can choose to workout either three or four times a week depending on your availability and/or preferences.

Just ~60 Minutes Per Workout

The entire routine takes roughly ~45 to 60 minutes to complete if you're diligent with your rest times and don't screw around between sets.

Build Both Strength And Muscle

The program uses intelligent exercise selection, varying rep ranges, and a logical progression scheme to maximize hypertrophy and strength.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I do this program for?
Do it for as long as you’re making progress on it. On average, my clients stay on this program for anywhere between 4 to 6 months before needing to transition to a different program. The workout tracker has 30 weeks’ worth of workouts on it should you need it for that long.

Should I be losing, maintaining, or gaining weight on this program?
You can run this program whether you’re on a cut, a bulk, or a recomp. Weight loss (or weight gain) is largely dependent on your diet and your calorie intake, so adjust this accordingly depending on what your current goals are.

Can women do this program?
It depends. Does she want to get strong? Does she want to build a little bit of muscle so she can “get toned”? If the answer to either or both of those questions is a resounding yes, then ditch the pink dumbbells and YES — absolutely do this program.

What if I can only work out three times per week?
No problem – as a matter of fact, the original GZCLP program was written to be a 3x/week routine. Just fill in each workout as you do them, and ignore the week number in the headers.

How do I enter weight for bodyweight exercises?
For bodyweight exercises such as pullups, chinups, or dips, simply enter your bodyweight. If you’re using the assisted machines, be sure to subtract your weight from this figure — likewise, if you’re using additional weight, be sure to add the extra weight to your bodyweight.

How should I choose my pulling movements?
Whichever ones you can do and/or enjoy. If you want to do the same movement, go ahead — if you want to vary it between workout days, then you’re free to do so as well.

Can I choose the same accessory exercises?
Nobody’s stopping you from doing so. You might get a little bit more benefit out of using different exercises (plus doing the same exercises again and again may get a bit boring), but if you want to do this, go right ahead.

What if I decided to skip an exercise?
If you skipped an exercise for any reason, leave the Actual Reps column blank for that workout. This will make sure that your previous weights and reps are carried over unchanged for your next workout.